Emotion Code Healing

Experience an unique session combining Emotion Code, Tollerra Healing, Sufi practices and more.

My mission is to help others experience their true joy, love and freedom.  I bring my broad experience, guided wisdom, loving compassion and deep heart to every healing session. 

My background

When people ask how I become a healer, I can only say one thing - it felt like a calling.  In my 20s I suddenly felt compelled to get Reiki certified.  Soon I was giving Reiki sessions 2-3 times a week and eventually became Reiki Master certified.  I loved the warm energy that flowed with Reiki but I wanted to have more options, more techniques and to be able to heal at a deeper level.  I found the Jaffe School of Energy Mastery (now Sufi University) and learned how to truly identify and shift energies.  I found the work to be so powerful and I loved doing it.  

One of the requirements of becoming a powerful healer is to heal yourself.  I received some amazing healing sessions and as I became healed, I was finally able to let go of the blocks in my heart that had kept me single.  I got married to a wonderful, supportive man in a ceremony led by one of the healing teachers.    20 years and three kids later, I am still so grateful!

As someone who thrives on growth and challenge, I continued my studies with different teachers.  I went to Peru and studied with Shamans, I received blessings from Sufi Master Sidi Al-Jamal, I studied with Mary Ann Robbat of the Center for Lifelong Happiness and became certified in the Tollerra Methodology.  All of these methods helped me to continue to increase my own vibration so I could bring in more and more powerful healing insights and wisdom.  

Most recently I got certified as an Emotion Code Healer.  What I love about Emotion Code is its ability to heal people quickly.  It is a powerful tool for identify blocks and helping release them.  

My path is one of integration.  I have found something valuable in all these techniques and weave them together just for you.  No two sessions are alike.  For each session, I ask the Divine Wisdom to guide me to provide you with just what you need.  It is a beautiful and exciting journey of healing.  

Some clients have said:

Linda Manning is an amazing energy healer. I have never worked with energies and emotional code before and having her in my life has changed my life for the better. I started my sessions focusing on breaking down the heart wall that was built around the ages of 25 to 30 during the dating phase of my life. With every emotion that was released, I became stronger around my ways of being and focused on being heart-centered. I let go of people that were not serving me and I was able to stand more and more in my power. I created opportunities to be seen more like an entrepreneur and had more clients as a result of it. I was more honest with myself and also was able to serve my own clients in an impactful and empowering way. 

Having the energies cleared, opened up doors for many opportunities where I am being honest with the people in my life that matter to me the most. I became closer to my parents and my sister and slowly and steadily took the ability to prove myself to others away from my core being. I started to notice a shift in my body immediately after having my first session and kept looking forward to the next sessions. 

The heart wall was very deeply grounded and after 5 sessions, we got to release it completely having just an imprint of the wall. She knows exactly what she is doing and always comes from a place of love and support. She is very empowering and makes you feel very comfortable with whatever the emotion that is being dealt with at the moment. Linda is a wonderful person to have in your life. I highly recommend you work with her and get all your emotions healed, the good, the bad, and the ugly ones! Your Life is Now, and do not waste another day holding on to the energy that is not serving you! Contact Linda to learn more, and it will be the best decision of your life Guaranteed!! 

- MIchelle M


Linda has used different modalities and techniques on me over the years, and most recently the Emotion Code.  The Emotion Code paired with Linda’s kind and compassionate approach has truly helped me to transform my life.  Linda is a practitioner who is truly passionate about the work that she does / healing performed and her commitment to her clients goes above and beyond the typical.  She has always taken time out of her own busy life to help me between sessions, provide support, answer questions and be available for all transitions whether small or large.  I trust Linda as a healer and would recommend her to anyone ready and willing to take the step in transforming their lives from an emotional, spiritual and even physical perspective.  

- Valerie P 

Linda's ability to probe deeply helped reveal inner issues that I was unaware of.  She helped me see how I was playing victim in my own life.  She helped me reframe past events and find new insights.  By seeing my patterns I was able to break old habits, quit a job I hated and start a new business that took off!  I am so grateful for her wisdom and support.